“I have had the honor to ‘play’ the VisionQuest Game for over two decades now. This ‘game’ has shown itself to be a powerful aid in helping me make positive changes toward a fulfilling life. I struggled with 20-years of addiction to cigarettes and after playing the game one night quit smoking immediately. I have been tobacco-free going on 19 years now! This was just the tip of the iceberg as I continued to let go of unhealthy habits that were portrayed in the game as destructive to the meaningful life I sought. The game not only has personally enriched and aided me on my spiritual journey, but also has helped me to be a more devoted helper when other players delve deeper into their issue needing resolution. I have found time and time again, that by playing the game with others, we are creating deeper bonds and authentic community through the support of the game and each other. I have also discovered the game oftentimes does not reinforce our favored stances or outcomes but leads one to the deeper question needing answering. Therefore, I perceive myself being asked to stretch toward a new way of seeing and acting in the events and trajectory of my life however uncomfortable that may be at the time. It seems the intent, consciousness, and joining of others, utilizing this medium, shines the light on our dark and entrenched patterns but also makes clear a path that will lead us to a new perspective; a perspective that is in line with our true nature and calling. Although it is called a game, in my opinion it is much more; it calls upon an ‘awareness’ that is more than the sum of its players and has a knowledge of the deeper issues that are personal to the individual and not easily penetrated through regular inquiry. Whatever, or wherever, one may point to the ‘source’ of this intelligence, the VisionQuest game has benefited me countless times in seeking guidance on my sacred journey toward true fulfillment.”

In Gratitude,


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